Combat Shotgun Assembly Instructions


On our multimedia course we were assigned to make a flash that teaches something. Unrelated to this assignment me and Ilkka Tauriainen (who’s also on that course) thought it would be cool to make Samus papercraft figure… That had like gazillion of pieces so we settled for the Combat Shotgun from Fallout3.

So we made instructions how to assemble the shotgun! We couldn’t find any instructions for it, of course, so maybe it helps someone out there. We definitely are not good papercrafters and this was our first big papercraft project ever (>.< ...i know.. could've picked something a bit easier to start with). The instructions might not be the best out there and are totally based on what we figured out during the assembly. We tried to achieve the feel of Fallout 2 and 3 sort of combined.. somewhat imitating Pip-Boy look. Every graphic element is self made though (excluding the shotgun itself). ActionScript 2 was used. Oh yea and we made timelapse of the project! And massive thanks to ~billybob884 for the PDF file of the pieces! (we had to edit it a bit to suit our printer etc.)
Be sure to give him a visit. There’s tons of other cool papercraft stuffs on his dA page.



Piece List

Assembly Video